Trail Marker Bingo

Play TRAIL Marker Bingo throughout the 9-day week while you walk your walks. We’ve created a series of eight different TRAIL Marker Bingo cards for four different combinations of conservation properties with trails. Click on one or more of the cards below for a printable pdf, and take it with you on your walk. As you pass the artful trail intersection markers, note any that are on your Bingo card by writing the intersection letter & number in the square in the upper right corner of the corresponding picture on your card. You’ll need to walk at least 2 of the areas listed on the top of your card to get 5 in a row: across, down, or diagonal. Each set of properties has two different versions, so two can play together as you share your walk.

To help you on your search, the 2018 Edition of the Trails in Carlisle trail book shows the locations of all the trail intersection markers by letter & number. Note that the numbered intersection markers in Great Brook Farm State Park are not part of the Trails Committee’s trail marker art program, so that while you are welcome to walk the trails in GBFSP during this year’s 9-day week of Carlisle Trails Day, they are not included in Trail Marker Bingo.

The trail markers feature nature-themed artwork created by students in the Carlisle Public School’s Middle School Art Club under the direction of teacher Rachel Levy. The Trail Markers in Carlisle poster and Trail Marker Bingo cards celebrate their artwork.

Please post photos of your completed Trail Marker Bingo cards and/or selfies with your favorite trail marker on Instagram with #carlisletrailsday. We’ll add them to CCF’s Instagram page @ccf.nature

Click on any of the TRAIL Marker Bingo cards above for a printable pdf. There are two versions for each set of properties. If you don’t see a card with the combination of properties you plan to walk AND if you want to play TRAIL Marker Bingo, send a request to before May 15 and we’ll try to make a custom TRAIL Marker Bingo card for you. The image at right shows you how to mark your printed card with the letter & number of an intersection marker you’ve found. Have fun as you try to get 5 in a row: across, down, or diagonal.